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Steve’s Farmhouse Concerts

Spend a delightful evening with friends or family! Piano solo performances at our farm house concerts ... For an invitation to these evening gatherings, provide us with your email address ... and see our private booking page for more information!

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Steve Lamanna

Welcome to the web site of Steve LaManna

Blues, show tunes, rock ‘n roll, latin, jazz, folk, European - Steve LaManna delivers. His interpretations are alternately meditative, playful, usually evocative, and always beautiful.


Songs about life, love and beauty are found within every age. LaManna fascinates us as he uses the piano as the common denominator in his quest to relate, and express musically, these timeless sentiments from different ages.

This quest has inspired Steve’s albums Ivory Moon - Evenings in Cape May, For Friendship For You and Measured Softness Measured Light.

And now, Lady Fair has set a precedent for Steve LaManna’s future releases. It is the first album to be recorded on the Steinway B that Steve has used over many years to develop his interpretations of music. The sound from his Steinway in partnership with LaManna’s sensitivity to song structure, has produced this gently soulful and finely resonant recording.

In this fifth album, Lady Fair, LaManna steadily presents the listener with a variety of songs that embrace the depth of meaning and inner beauty contributed to our every day life by women. Through the medium of solo piano arrangements, LaManna celebrates those who embrace and delight in their femininity, and those who are, as yet, unaware of the mystical affect of their womanhood.



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Golden Key

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Ivory Moon

For Friendship For You

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